Benefits for Using Walk in Tubs in Your House

Walk in tubs are designed to provide individuals with a more convenient, comfortable, accessible as well as safer bathing style. They have become so popular nowadays and many homeowners are using them across New Jersey. Their popularity is because they offer a wide variety of accessories and features that help to enhance comfort, safety, accessibility and relaxation. Depending on the style chosen, it may come with hot water heaters, water jets, air jets or air jets combined with water so as to create therapeutic or massage benefits. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you start using walk in tubs in New Jersey.

Prevents Falls and Slips

Most of the homes nowadays have either a garden style bathtub which is deeper and wider or older enamel on the steel bathtub measuring 60 by 30 inches. The main problem with them is that they lack safe access and there is difficulty in getting up and out of the bathtub. In most cases, homeowners try to install the suction style grab bars to assist them. All these may lead to dangerous falls and slips especially while in the bathroom. You can avoid this by using walk in tubs since they will provide you with a safer access into the bathtub. It has been built in a way that it offers extra security and has an elevated seat for ease of use.

Hydrotherapeutic Benefits

There are three factors in a whirlpool spa that include massage, buoyancy and heat. They create a relaxing and soothing experience which cannot be replicated anywhere else. Buoyancy of water helps to reduce body weight and this relieves pressure on muscles and joints thereby creating sensation of weightlessness. The massaging action is created by sending a warm air and water through the spa jets. The massaging and heat action of the water helps to improve circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and tension as well as promotes the overall body relaxation.

Arthritis Benefits

Very many people are suffering from some of the forms of arthritis which are characterized by irritation of joints that causes pain, stiffness and swelling. This often results to loss of joint function or movement. You can avoid this by using warm water of a spa. A walk in tub provides the necessary warmth, buoyancy and massage required to exercise and relax muscles and joints that comforts you. Relaxed muscles lead to an overall feeling of rejuvenation that makes it easier for you to carry out your daily duties.

Above are some the benefits you will enjoy if you start using walk in tubs. You can just buy one and surely you will like it.